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Fix ukl/development ecu02 boot hangs 2020-09-02, CONFIG_LL enabled
Posted by Anonymous on Mon 7th Sep 2020 10:49
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  1. --- a/ptxdist/configs/ecu02/barebox-defaultenv-2/boot/nand
  2. +++ b/ptxdist/configs/ecu02/barebox-defaultenv-2/boot/nand
  3. @@ -2,7 +2,8 @@
  5.  PARAM_SKIP=$global.eag.skipupdate
  7. -oftree -f
  8. +# disabled for Linux 4.9 kernel
  9. +#oftree -f
  11.  global bootm.image="/mnt/nand0-root/boot/zImage"
  12.  global linux.bootargs.root="console=null ro root=ubi0_0"

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