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Quantron grep 'BIT_SHUT_DOWN'
Posted by Anonymous on Wed 30th Jan 2019 10:28
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  1. $ time grep -r -F 'BIT_SHUT_DOWN' .
  2. ./ptxdist/platform-ecu01/sysroot-target/include/common/qadev.h:#define BIT_SHUT_DOWN                                    8     /* Hardware abschalten */
  3. ./ptxdist/local_src/qadriver/main.c:   //#define BIT_SHUT_DOWN                                  8     /* Hardware abschalten */
  4. ./ptxdist/local_src/qadriver/main.c:   if (BIT_CHANGED(usOutValue_tmp, usValue, BIT_SHUT_DOWN)) {
  5. ./ptxdist/local_src/teststand/prospec_files/testcases/ewriteoutputs.cpp:       // LCD_ENABLE und BIT_SHUT_DOWN sind ein und derselbe.
  6. ./ptxdist/local_src/ecu01-codesys/io_driver/ecu01.cpp:   if ( (BIT_CHANGED( BIT_HORN_ON)) || (BIT_CHANGED( BIT_SHUT_DOWN)) || (BIT_CHANGED( BIT_LCD_ENA)) ) {
  7. ./ptxdist/local_src/common/qadev.h:#define BIT_SHUT_DOWN                                        8     /* Hardware abschalten */

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